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Melbourne Combo 039

  • Love eating out at - Sushi Ten


    Sure, if your looking for sushi in the city there seems to be a shop on every street corner. But if you want amazing sushi, it's a lot harder to find. But now Bento-ites, look no more the risk of giving away one of our favourite sushi haunts and queuing for lunch, we just have to tell you about Sushi Ten. Tucked away down Port Phillip Arcade between Flinders St and Flinders Lane you'll find bowls of soupy goodness, sashimi to die for and the mixed don of all mixed dons. It's pure love.

  • Love design by - Found n Bound


    While the temptation of a new moleskin can sometimes be overwhelming, Melbourne based notebook creators, 'Found n Bound' offer an irresistible and most loveable alternative. Cleverly, 'Found n Bound' find old novels and replace their well worn pages with fresh new sheets for your ideas. With titles such as  'The Mystery of the Moaning Cave' and 'One Act Plays of To-Day', your notebook will soon be the talk of town.

  • Love hanging out at - Linden - Centre for Contemporary Arts


    The collision of creativity is always guaranteed to create a few sparks and tonight sparks are certain to fly at the opening of 'Persuasion Invasion' at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts. Fans compare it to an artistic version of the Masterchef invention challenge - where three curators work with same five artists to create three vastly different exhibitions. It all happens at six tonight - so come down and decide who's your master-curator.

  • Love eating out at - Roule Galette


    There's no doubt that from the minute you walk in, you'll fall in love with the tiny French Creperie, Roule Galette. Tucked away off Flinders Lane, Melbournites all over are loosing themselves in its images of French countryside and the Parisian hip-hop heard faintly over the French-speaking voices from the open kitchen. But the best bit of course? The crepes. For savoury try the Flore, and for sweet... bon apetit.

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